Cari Wesby: Hypnotherapy in London

Cognitive Hypnotherapy in London with Cari Wesby.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is powerful and modern approach to help overcome issues, and help you take steps towards a more satisfying life. Within as few as 3 - 4 personally tailored sessions, difficulties such as, fear of flying or social anxiety can be easily overcome: allowing previous barriers to become thing of the past.

Based in London, I provide cost effective London Hypnotherapy services for stopping smoking and other addictions, dealing with stress and anxiety, fear of flying and other phobias and many issues that you might not associate with hypnotherapy.

When you've had a look around the website you might have some questions, or maybe you'd like to benefit from a free phone consultation to hear how I can help, so please do give me a ring:

Contact Me On: 07811 375 632

I Help You With:

If you are thinking about hypnotherapy (even if you aren't) go and see Cari. Truly miracles happen and Cari is a miracle worker. Hugh McKinely, Head of Public Affairs & Policy - Ruder Finn

After only 4 sessions my whole outlook changed and I no longer feel I have a problem - can't thank you enough! Laurie Booth, Actress

Why Choose Me?

  • Fully qualified & experienced London Hypnotherapist
  • Confidential & ethical service
  • Personally tailored treatment plans
  • Cost effective
  • Fully insured
  • Discreet & comfortable offices
  • Pru Health recommended Practitioner
  • 17 years exp. in personal development field

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