Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in London

Giving up smoking can be infuriating, I know, I was a smoker for 15 years and went through a lot of pain and effort trying to stop over the years! There is an easy way though. Cognitive Hypnotherapy stopped me smoking for good and it can help you stop too.

It's a unique and different approach - and one which gets the results you want fast.

Just a single session of only 2 hours

If you're ready and want to quit smoking once and for all then Cognitive Hypnotherapy could be just what you're looking for today.

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"Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking" - New Scientist Magazine

My Stop Smoking Package Is For You If You're:

  • Fed up with smoking but haven't been able to kick the habit successfully yet
  • Fed up wasting money on cigarettes that could be better spent elsewhere
  • Wasting time with patches, gum, stop smoking drugs or e-cigarettes
  • Worried about your health
  • Self-conscious of how you smell and how others see you

"I just wanted to let you know that today is my 12 month anniversary of visiting you and that I am still smoke free - thank you so much for changing my life." Jay Gordon, ex-40 cigarettes a day & ex-cannabis smoker*

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I Show You How To Quit Smoking Easily

As a Stop Smoking Specialist I work with the unconscious mind and swiftly get to the root cause of your smoking behaviour.

I change how you think about smoking with powerful mindset reprogramming.

I show you how to identify patterns and triggers and teach you skills so that you respond differently in the future, allowing you to be in complete control of smoking at all times.

You Will Benefit From:

  • A quick & painless programme tailor-made to your needs
  • Proven techniques with excellent success rates
  • Cost effective after about a month
  • London Stop Smoking Specialist

A 20 a day smoker currently spends £3,504 a year on cigarettes.

Imagine for a moment...what would you do as a non-smoker.....spend the saved money on a holiday of a lifetime? Perhaps a deposit on a car? Or maybe just enjoy living a free, happy and healthy life..

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Stacey de Vos, London

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy London

Quitting smoking is a challenge that many people face and feel as though they will never be able to achieve. Cari understands this challenge having been there before. This understanding makes Cari the ideal individual to assist you in this decision and journey to becoming a non-smoker.

I have personally tried absolutely everything under the sun to quit this awful addiction and can say that if you have decided that you have had enough and it is your time to quit for good - Cari will ensure that you are equipped with that extra edge to make this your final quit!