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I help people just like you to lead a happier, healthier and more rewarding life by using the modern approach of Cognitive Hypnotherapy to free you from anxiety, phobias and addictive behaviours such as smoking.

Many people from across London, the UK and overseas via Skype turn to me to lead them through simple, effective solutions which allow them to overcome personal and professional obstacles, and take that first step to reaching their full potential.

Whatever you would like help with, be it overcoming a fear of flying, fear of public speaking, or something else - Cognitive Hypnotherapy in London could be just want you're looking for today.

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Crispin was a heavy smoker for 35 years, smoking both cigarettes and cannabis. He had tried numerous different ways to stop smoking over the years but with no success, until a close friend of his who had also seen me to quit smoking passed on my details.

A single, 2 hour stop smoking hypnotherapy session was all it took to break Crispin's smoking habits completely and for good. Watch his video after 4 months of being a happy ex-smoker to see how he found the process.

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