7 Signs you might have Social Media Anxiety Disorder #SMAD

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7 Signs you might have Social Media Anxiety Disorder #SMAD

7 Signs you might have Social Media Anxiety Disorder

Social media has changed the way we communicate but for some it can be a struggle to keep up - whether it’s the latest Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, Instagram pics or one of the many other popular social networks, our ways of staying in touch and on the button of breaking news can soon start to take over as we try to stay on top in an every increasing social media world.


Ever had that unmistakable feeling in the pit of your stomach as you stare at your screen in total disbelief and horror, having posted up the wrong photo or something else only to later discover that it’s been shared and re-shared? At a click of a button your photo or comment can go worldwide, very quickly. Such an experience, for the small business owner for example, can create an anxiety where procrastination about writing anything at all puts paid to any engaging full stop.

Recent studies show there are strong links and recent between social media and increased levels of anxiety which is now being referred to as Social Media Anxiety Disorder.

Social Media Stats

There are upwards of 2 billion people using the internet each day, with the average person using social networks spending just over 3 hours a day reading, posting, liking, sharing and so on. That’s a lot of people, time and potential side-effects.

7 Signs You Might Have Social Anxiety

  1. Always having your phone in full view even when socialising, on holiday or at dinner?
  2. Constant checking for followers, likes, shares?
  3. Watching for replies and feeling anxious?
  4. Seeing a post, comparing yourself and then feeling crap as a result?
  5. FOMO – you feel you have to be switched on at all times for fear of missing out?
  6. Needing the validation and more and more ‘likes’ to feel good?
  7. Always on hyper-alert so you are there when notifications come in?

As with everything in life, it’s all about finding a healthy balance and taking back control. Listed below are my 5 top tips for dealing with Social Media Anxiety.

5 Top Tips for dealing with Social Media Anxiety

  1. Breathe! Upon opening a post, checking twitter, whatever – take a deep breath and continue to breathe
  2. Share! Be mindful that social media is about engaging and sharing (Not Comparing)
  3. Switch Off! Have social-media free periods in your day or allocated certain periods of time for social media activities, i.e. lunchtime. If you are a business owner and need to be on the ball at all times consider handing over social media responsibilities to colleague so that everyone gets a break.
  4. Be Selective! Choose your friends wisely. Studies show having more FB friends increases anxiety
  5. Balance! Get the balance right. Social media has it’s place but don’t forget to have an active life with varied interests and connect with real people.

For some people the anxiety experienced can have a significant impact on happiness levels, self esteem and can also cause depression or other mental health issues.

If you are concerned about Social Media Anxiety or anything related to it then I can help, very often in just a couple of sessions so do get in touch to benefit from a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation to hear how I can help. You can reach me on 07811 375 632 or at cari@cariwesby

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