Complimentary Consultation

Your Complimentary Consultation

To book your complimentary consultation just ring 0207 0997 786 or get in touch on so we can arrange a suitable time.

Where do consultations take place?

Consultations take place by phone or Skype. Consultations are also available at the London City office however I run a busy practice so these slots are limited and there might be a wait of 1 - 2 weeks.

What's involved in the consultation?

This complimentary consultation means we can get to know each other and establish that we're compatible moving forward. It will feel like a friendly chat. We'll start off by talking over where you are currently in your life or with a particular issue, and where you'd like to be. I'll explain how we can get you there, working together in a partnership, so you reach your goals swiftly and easily. You'll also be welcome to ask me any questions too.

Call me on 0207 0997 786 or email and book your complimentary consultation today.