Cari Wesby: Female Hypnotherapist based in London.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is powerful and modern approach to help overcome issues, and help you take steps towards a more satisfying life. Within as few as 2 - 4 personally tailored sessions, difficulties such as excessive drinking, losing weight or managing panic attacks can be easily overcome: allowing previous barriers to become thing of the past.

Based in London, I provide London Hypnotherapy services for stopping smoking and other addictions, dealing with stress and anxiety and many issues that you might not associate with hypnotherapy.

When you've had a look around the website you might have some questions, or maybe you'd like to benefit from a free phone consultation to hear how I can help, so please do give me a ring:

Contact Me Today On: 07811 375 632

    Dominic Fennell, Lecturer, London*
  • Even from the first session with Cari, I felt totally reassured that there was light at the end of the tunnel. I feel strongly that the therapy itself has prevented panic attacks from even starting, and in the now rare situations where I would have been liable to be anxious in the past, my response to them has been highly rational, which tends to nip an attack in the bud. I was asked to sum up my anxiety-free self in a few sentences, and the one that has really stuck with me ever since has been: “I can do whatever I want.”
    Dominic Fennell, Lecturer, London*
    Hypnotherapy for Anxiety in London