Cognitive Hypnotherapy in the City of London with Cari Wesby.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy provides a flexible framework in helping you overcome issues such as excessive drinking, stopping smoking or dealing with anxiety. Treatment plans are personally tailored to the individual, with many issues easily overcome in around 2 - 4 sessions. If you have an issue you would like to resolve in the City of London then I can probably help.

After you've had a look through the website you might have some questions, or perhaps you'd like a free phone consultation so you can learn more, so please do get in touch:

Contact Me On: 07811 375 632

    Hugh McKinney, Head of Public Affairs & Policy
  • I am the world's biggest sceptic when it comes to this sort of thing. Cari was simply magnificent - she is immensely impressive and is exactly the right type of person to put you at ease straightaway. If you are thinking about hypnotherapy (even if you aren't) go and see Cari. Truly miracles happen and Cari is a miracle worker.
    Hugh McKinney, Head of Public Affairs & Policy
    Ruder Finn, London