Cognitive Hypnotherapy in North London with Cari Wesby.

I provide North London Hypnotherapy services for fear of public speaking, stop smoking, overcoming stress and anxiety, fear of flying and other phobias and many issues that you might not traditionally associate with hypnotherapy.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy provides a powerful and flexible framework to help individuals overcome their issues in as few as 2 - 4 personally tailored sessions.

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    Chris G*
  • I have suffered with a stammer all of my adult life and found it difficult to stand in front of large audiences to speak. In normal life I also found it difficult to join in normal conversations if there were more than a few people involved. There could be a complete block on getting out words or certain letters. I was taken into a very relaxed state by Cari, but was always in control. The relaxation allowed me to answer questions from a long time ago and got to the root causes of my problem with speaking. A few weeks after the sessions I had to stand and speak in front of 300 people at a conference held at Westminster Hall in London. This went very well and I was able to give a 35 minute talk with barely a pause and absolutely no sign of a stammer. The process of hypnotherapy really works and is a great source of relief and gives tremendous confidence to me in stressful situations. I am thankful to Cari and her methods of hypnotherapy in a safe and caring environment.
    Chris G*
    Company Director, FTSE 100 Company