Hypnotherapy Services

We provide Cognitive Hypnotherapy services in London to help you easily stop smoking, overcome a fear or phobia, be less anxious, lose weight or sleep better. We also work with issues such as addictions, OCD, sexual issues, overcoming grief and trauma, relationship issues and other issues that you may or may not associate with hypnotherapy.

Flexible Approach

Because Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a scientific approach which incorporates NLP, Evolutionary and Positive Psychologies, Neuro-science, with a modern method of trance - we can be completely flexible in our work with clients. We do not believe in a 'one size fits all' approach and every client will have a personal treatment programme tailored to their own specific needs.

Value For Money

We can effect immediate and lasting change in a short space of time. A stop smoking session takes 2 hours and most other issues are often treated in as little as 3 or 4 sessions. Other types of Hypnotherapy, such as pure suggestion-based Hypnotherapy can often take 6 - 8 sessions or more. Cognitive Hypnotherapy therefore provides an excellent return on investment.

Magic Touch

We are very proud of our success rates, with clients subsequently returning for help with other issues as well as referring others onto us on a regular basis. We keep in contact with our clients and see our relationship as ongoing and evolving, adapting to their needs at the time.

Practical Skills

We teach our clients a range of practical skills and techniques that they can use on their own to support our work together in between sessions and ongoing. Often these skills can be applied in other contexts to the original issue and the feedback we get is that our clients find these invaluable.