Fear of Spiders Hypnotherapy London

Evolution could be to blame for your fear of spiders - we are programmed to to avoid things that scuttle or slither. Some people may have even had a relative with a spider phobia that influenced them, or you could have even had a traumatic experience where a spider was present and your brain made the association between the two. You may have been influenced by things you've seen, I have treated people who developed a fear of spiders after watching films such as Arachnopobia, for example.

The great news is that a spider phobia is very simple to treat, often in just a single session. If you want to overcome fear of spiders then Cognitive Hypnotherapy in London could be just what you're looking for today.

Are You Missing Out Due to a Fear of Spiders?

Having a phobia can result in narrowing down areas of your life where you might encounter spiders and it can also prevent you from going to the places you’d like to.

There can be anxiety and stress about going places or being in unfamiliar environments such as someone else's home.

Upon encountering a spider it can appear very big and menacing, with exaggerated features. You might particularly hate the way they move.

I Show You How To Overcome Your Spider Phobia

Through Cognitive Hypnotherapy we'll get to the root cause of your fear and change how you think about spiders. You'll see a spider very differently as a result it will no longer hold the emotion or fear it once did. Spider phobia is very simple to treat and you might only need a single session.

Imagine what you could do with your fear of spiders no longer present in your life....being able to enjoy your home, the countryside, holidays etc as a result....

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Stephanie, London*

Fear of Spiders Hypnotherapy London

Having finished uni my friend and I booked a month travelling in Thailand but I knew that I had to deal with the prospect of coming face to face with spiders if we were to backpack and travel throughout the country.  I had several sessions with Cari.  After our first session I was given homework to go look at pictures of spiders and measure my response. This would have originally made me want to run out of the room and be sick but I was totally fine! Whats more, after our second session when I got home I found a house spider in the bathroom and was able to calmly get a piece of paper and a glass and put it out in the garden!  Unbelievable!  I can't wait to go to Thailand now, thanks!