Increase Self Esteem With Hypnotherapy London

A number of factors can influence low self esteem such as how we were influenced by family in our early years, messages received by those around us on what we 'should do', or how to 'behave', our weight, finances, jobs, where we sit in our social circle, current mental health and more.

If you’ve been struggling with believing in yourself and abilities, your sense of worth and what you deserve in life and want to overcome self esteem issues then Cognitive Hypnotherapy could be just what you're looking for today.

Have you experienced low self esteem symptoms?

  • Taking feedback and criticism personally?
  • High sensitivity?
  • Perfectionism?
  • Need approval from others?
  • Indecisiveness?
  • People pleasing?
  • Envy or resentment

I Show You How To Increase Your Self Esteem

We'll get to the root cause of your self-esteem issues and get you to change how you think. You'll understand the role your mind plays and will eliminate negative patterns of thinking and behaviours so you can start to feel great about yourself, what you can achieve and your sense of worth. Coaching in confidence skills and techniques will be taught along the way to support our work together.

You Will:

  • Get To The Root Cause Of Your Low Self Esteem
  • Let Go Of Negative Patterns
  • Change How You Think
  • Take Back Control
  • Become More Confident
  • Feel Good About Yourself
  • Feel Worthy
  • Live The Life You Deserve

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Marnie Shepperd, London*

Self Esteem Hypnotherapy London

All through my childhood I can remember trying to please my father. He was very critical man. My low self esteem developed around my teenage years following jibes about puppy fat and my weight. This resulted in an unhealthy relationship with food and other issues which plagued me into my adult life. I went through a cycle of eating and purging for many years, affecting my confidence in all areas of life. This included meeting a partner. Through hypnotherapy and NLP I have finally overcome my demons and am now in a much better place, respecting my body and maintaining healthy eating habits. I'm excited for the future.