Weight Loss Hypnotherapy London

Food should be the most enjoyable pleasure but it can often cause us much frustration and unhappiness. Trying to lose weight and negotiate ourselves around social events, the office or client entertainment can add extra, unwanted stress into the process. If you want to lose weight the easy way in London then Cognitive Hypnotherapy could be just what you're looking for today.

Are you struggling with weight loss?

  • You're fed up with diets and the latest lose weight quick fads? ?
  • You eat for comfort, often when bored / stressed / upset / tired or lonely?
  • Have problems with portion control and overeat?
  • Start out well at the beginning of the week but lapse easily and just give up?
  • Struggle to get motivated for exercise?

I Show You How To Lose Weight Easily

Cognitive Hypnotherapy works with the unconscious mind to address unwanted behaviours and associations with food. You will then create new, healthy and positive approaches.

We work together in a Weight Loss Coaching Programme, setting achievable weight loss goals. People are often surprised at how easy it is to lose weight, noticing how they feel fuller quicker or loosing the desire to eat any more and an increased motivation for exercise.

You Will Benefit From:

  • Changing How You Think About Food
  • Learning Powerful Weight Loss / Motivation Techniques
  • Taking Back Control
  • Reaching Your Ideal Weight

Imagine for a moment...what would you do as a result of reaching your goal weight? Get back into a favourite outfit? Shine at a party? Enjoy a bikini beach holiday? Or perhaps just revel in being a slim, confident & fabulous you....

Call 020 7099 7786 & Start Losing Weight From Today with Cari Wesby & Hypnotherapy London.

Claire K, London*

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy London

Changing life long behaviours is something that something that is not easy to do. The easiest path is always the one of least resistance. A few months ago I was at my wits end feeling really overweight and not liking my body very much at all. I lacked in confidence and started dreading going out because I was embarrassed that I had put on weight and what my friends would think, even though I know they wouldn’t ever judge me. Meeting Cari and having the regression and hypnotherapy sessions helped me to put to bed my demons about over eating triggers and also help to realign my way of thinking about food. I now feel freer and lighter in weight! Thanks so much.