Cognitive Hypnotherapy in South London with Cari Wesby.

If you have an issue such as anxiety, fear of public speaking, or want to stop smoking cigarettes or cannabis then I can probably help, often in as little as 2 - 4 sessions.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is flexible and modern approach with treatment plans designed to your own personal needs.

South London Hypnotherapy services also include treatment for other addictions, phobia treatment and many issues that you might not associate with hypnotherapy.

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    Hugh McKinney, Head of Public Policy & Affairs - Ruder Finn, London*
  • I visited Cari Wesby for help with an issue that had been bothering me for some time and I had heard from a friend that hypnotherapy could be an effective solution. Cari was very friendly and welcoming, she explained the process and how and why it was going to work. The sessions themselves were very relaxing and calming but the overall effects were astonishing – I am totally stress free all the time and do not unduly worry or suffer from any stress related issues in my daily life. This has made work life especially much more manageable and enjoyable. I can now wholeheartedly throw myself into projects which previously I may have hesitated to get involved with. I am not really sure what hypnotherapy can or can’t do to resolve issues and problems but for me it completely removed any negative stress from my life. If you are suffering from stress, and it is impacting your life and you want to do something about it – speak to Cari.
    Hugh McKinney, Head of Public Policy & Affairs - Ruder Finn, London*
    Work Related Stress: Management & Hypnotherapy London